Due to increased demand, items may be unavailable or limited in quantity! Most grocery items are limited to (2)

I can’t choose a time slot. What do I do?

If the time slot drop down menu isn’t working, there are currently no order slots available. As we process orders, more time slots will become available. Please periodically refresh your page and any new slots will be indicated. Your order items will be saved.

How will I know when my order is ready?

You will receive an email stating your order is “Ready for Pick-up.” The time indicated will be the time slot you originally selected but you order is ready immediately upon receipt of this email. Your order is not ready until you receive this email.

What if I have to cancel an order?

If your order status is still listed as “Placed,” you may cancel your order yourself by clicking your order # and scrolling down to the bottom where there is an option to cancel. If your order is marked “In progress”, you must call us within 24 hrs of your order time slot so that we can cancel your order for you.

I have a request for an item I can’t find online, can you add new items?

Yes, if you can’t find an item please let us know! Leave a message for us in the note section at the time of checkout. There is a box underneath the time slot drop down menu.

Can I add an item to my order after I checkout?

If your order status is listed as “Placed”, you may update it. Click on your order number in the “My Orders” section listed in your account. Scroll down and select “Update.”

How do I know my order status?

Your orders are listed in the “My Orders” tab found by clicking “My Account.” Your current / most recent order will be listed at the top. This is where your order status is listed. Additionally, you will get email updates as your order status changes.

When will my credit card be charged for my order?

We pre-authorize or “place a hold” on your credit card when you place your order online for the estimated value plus 50% of the item total. This is to cover any additional charges for weighted grocery items like produce or meat. The large hold also allows you flexibility to update and add to your order without having to re-authorize your card. When your personal shopper has finished shopping, your order is rung up at the register and the exact amount is known. Only then will your credit card be charged for that amount and the hold will fall off.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. Gift Cards, EBT, or Debit only cards are not accepted at this time.

Are tips accepted?

While tips are certainly not expected, they are greatly appreciated! Any tips given at the time of pick-up go to directly to our employees and are pooled and shared amongst our team.

Unfortunately, tips cannot be added to a credit card.