Valentine Liberator Gin

Valentine Liberator Gin. Detroit Distilling Co. Small batch. Hand - crafted American gin distilled in alembic kettles with 9 botanicals. With two alembic distillations, we impart bold flavors with maceration, while delicate profiles are infused using a specially designed botanical vessel. The result is a balanced, multi-layered gin, beginning with soft juniper, carried through with cardamom and coriander, and finishing with cinnamon. During WWII, Detroit became known as the 'Arsenal of Democracy', producing the B-24 liberator at a rate of one per hour. Liberator Gin salutes Rosie the Riveter and all the American workers who helped secure victory. We salute you with spirit! 100% Neutral spirits distilled from grain. By producing world-class spirits in small batches, Ii am living proof that American ingenuity and quality manufacturing are still alive. Master distiller.