Belle Meade Bourbon Reserve Whiskey, 108.3 Proof

Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is a premium expression of the multi-award-winning Belle Meade Bourbon, crafted to meet the growing demand among aficionados for elite, high-proof bourbon whiskey. To craft the perfect bottle of bourbon, distillers identify certain superior bourbon casks from the Belle Meade inventory, then combine them into distinct batches that yield a richer, more robust, higher-proof bourbon, enhancing the character, flavor, and feel of this small-batch bourbon. Accentuating vanilla, spice, stone fruit, and caramel flavors, this uniquely bold, full-strength reserve whiskey bourbon is greater than the sum of its parts. A high-rye-content bourbon bottled at cask strength and never chill-filtered, Belle Meade Bourbon Reserve is rich and full-flavored. It's a bold Tennessee whiskey bourbon for those who appreciate whiskey straight from the barrel. Enjoy this 108.3 proof bourbon neat, on the rocks, or in bourbon cocktails. Proudly bottled in the state of Tennessee. Please enjoy responsibly. © 2020 Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, Nashville, TN. 56.8% alc. by vol. (90.4 proof)