Mr & Mrs T Tom Collins Mix

Mr & Mrs T® Tom Collins Mix. Perfected with a burst of citrus flavor. Non-alcoholic. 1 liter 3.3.8 fl oz (1 qt 1.8 fl oz). Made from scratch Taste®. The citrus flavor burst of ripe limes, oranges, and grapefruits accented by the sweet taste of a maraschino cherry garnish, topped off with a splash of club soda. No one knows for sure how this drink got its name, but after just one sip we bet you'll want to thank tom nonetheless. At Mr & Mrs T® mixers, we use authentic ingredients in every bottle to ensure you get a legendary made from scratch Taste® with every drink! Non -alcoholic. MR & MRS WD made from scratch taste are registered trademarks of Mott's LLP. ©2016 Mott's LLP Partially Produced with genetic engineering. Fill a tall cocktail glass with 1 cup chipped ice. Add 3.5 fl oz Mr & Mrs T® Tam Collins Mix, 1.5 fl oz gin and 2 fl oz of Schweppes Club Soda. Stir will drop in lemon wheels and a cherry, as desired. One bottle makes about 10 cocktails. Questions or comments Call 1-877-4 MR MRS T. Please reference code on bottle. Please recycle.