Hormel® Black Label® Naturally Hardwood Smoked 97% Fat Free Canadian Bacon 6 oz. Zip-Pak®

Is Canadian bacon actually ham? The debaters are throwing punches online, but we're here to tell you it doesn't matter. Whether you toss it onto a pizza or put it to work in a frittata, casserole, or other favorite recipe, HORMEL BLACK LABEL Canadian Bacon is a great tasting, protein-packed way to take your cooking to the next level. Made from lean, tender pork loin that's naturally hardwood smoked, HORMEL BLACK LABEL is serious (Canadian) bacon for serious (Canadian) bacon lovers. WE'RE ALWAYS THE NEW BLACK . BLACK LABEL is a trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC. Made from lean, tender pork loin Naturally hardwood smoked Fully cooked; no prep work required 96% fat free; 10 grams of protein per serving Gluten free