Horizon Organic® DHA Omega-3 Organic Chocolate Lowfat Milk 0.5 gal. Carton

Creating an organic connection. At Horizon Organic ®, we believe in producing wholesome dairy without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or cloning. Synthetic colors and artificial flavors are also off the list. So what do all those "no's" add up to? A big "yes" for your health, and the health of the environment. We figure it's all connected. Eliminating chemicals from milk production creates a healthy environment that supports healthy cows, healthy family farms, healthy communities and a healthier planet. Above all, we think choosing organic leaves the world just a little better than how we found it. And it all starts with one creamy and delicious glass of milk. Kid-friendly! Kids' brains grow incredibly fast. In fact, the brain nearly quadruples in size in the first five years of life. DHA is a key component of the brain, yet most kids don't get their recommended DHA from common dietary sources like fish.* By making Horizon Organic milk plus DHA your family choice, you're bringing home all the goodness of organic, plus an extra nutritional boost for growing minds and bodies. *Kris-etherton P.M., et. Al. Am j clin nutr. Jan 2000; 71(1 suppl): 179s-188s. Life'sdha: healthy brain, eyes, heart.