Bantam Pancakes Stuffed Pancakes, Mini, Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip pancakes stuffed with buttered maple cream. Microwave or thaw & eat. 90 calories. 4 g total fat. 6 g sugar. 2 g protein. Buttered maple cream inside. New! Follow us (at) Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. Our Story: The dream to start Bantam Bagels came out of a desire to improve upon a classic food. It started with baking bagels in our Brooklyn kitchen and turned into much more than simply a bagel stuffed with cream cheese. Bantam Bagels became the vehicle that let us share a taste of our American dream with people all across the country and connect with them a genuine and meaningful way. It's from this same enthusiasm for making faces light up and mouths water that the Bantam Pancake was born. Our pancakes are created from baked-from-scratch recipes, giving you everything you love about homemade pancakes with our signature twist: the melted butter and syrup are already on the inside! From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy these mini stuffed pancakes as much as we do! - Nick & Elyse. To learn more about our products and our company. Check us out at: