Ocean Spray Diet Juice Drink, Diet, Cran-Pomegranate

Cranberry pomegranate juice drink with another juice. From concentrate. Made with real fruit juice. 5 calories per serving. Meet our growers. We're proud members of the Ocean Spray Cooperative, where the growers who harvest the cranberries also own the company. Cranberries have been in my family since my great grandfather Charles Dempze harvested his first cranberry in Wisconsin in 1900. Over 100 years later, I love teaching people about cranberries almost as much as I love growing them. That's why I give tours of my bogs, so I can explain how good cranberries are for you and show people how they're grown. I'm even planning on developing our family cranberry heritage room someday! Until then, we'll keep telling everyone about cranberries any way we can. Heidi Slinkman. 4th generation grower Wisconsin Rapids, WI. For more about Heidi and the Dempze Family, visit www.oceanspray.com. Ocean Spray grower owned since 1930. Grower Owned since 1930. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Thanks for choosing Ocean Spray: For questions or comments please call 1-800-662-3263, M-F 9 AM to 4 PM EST. Please have the entire package handy. Tastes good. Good for you! www.oceanspray.com. Pasteurized. Please recycle. Contains 5% juice.