Reeds Ginger Beer, Stronger Ginger Brew, Reed's

All natural Jamaican Style Ginger Beer. Non-alcoholic. GMO-free 100%. Taste the Difference Brewing Makes! Out of a passion for Ginger, we have revived a unique ginger ale (beer) brewing process that predates modem soft drink technology, and is still practiced in Jamaica. Our ginger beers have won numerous gourmet awards and have been the top selling non-alcoholic beverages in natural and gourmet foods stores nationwide for years. In many cultures, ginger is believed to be an excellent digestive aid, arthritis remedy, motion sickness cure and general all around tonic root. Reed's Stronger Ginger Brew recipe is 50% stronger than our Reed's Extra Ginger Brew. Our recipe uses rho finest fresh ginger root (39 grams per bottle), exotic spices, raw cane sugar, honey, pineapple, lemon and lime juices. Try our other Ginger Brew flavors and Ginger Candies. Try Our Other Products - Reed's Ginger Brew: Taste Reed's Ginger Brews in six exciting flavors: Original, extra, premium, spiced apple, raspberry and cherry made with fresh ginger. Juices and exotic spices. Reed's Ginger Chew: Reed's has taken this classic, tradition Indonesia treat a step further, adding more ginger and using no gelatin (they are vegan-friendly). Now available in Peanut Butter Ginger and original. Another all natural spicy-sweet treat from your friends at Reed's. Reed's Ginger Ice Cream: Reed's Ginger Ice Cream are 100% natural, made with rGBH free cream and milk, Reed's Crystallized Ginger candy, the finest extracted ginger from the South Pacific Islands, and natural raw cane sugar. Available in original, Green Tea, and Chocolate Ginger. Reed's Crystallized Ginger Candy: Reed's Crystallized Ginger Candy is custom-made for Reed's Inc. in the South Pacific. Our candy is made from fresh, diced, baby ginger and pure, raw cane syrup. We think our ginger candy is the finest available anywhere! 5L Party Keg & Root Beer Swing Top. Virgil's: These award-winning gourmet drinks are for true root beer, cream soda and cola lovers. We make Virgil's with exotic roots and spices gathered from around the world. Available in Root Beer, Cream, Black Cherry Cream and Real Cola. Also available in zero calorie. Nyse: Reed. See the bottom of this carrier for more info. Visit us at: