Amys Soup, Organic, Lentil

50% less sodium than our regular soup. Light in sodium. Non-BPA lining (Visit us at No GMOs. USDA organic. 100% recyclable. Amy's Kitchen was started when our daughter Amy was born in 1987. We are a family business deeply committed to producing vegetarian natural and organic prepared foods that taste homemade. Amy, who is a picky eater, loves this nourishing Lentil Soup made from her mom's favorite recipe. It is high in fiber, a good source of protein and has a rich, satisfying flavor. Responding to customer requests, our chefs have created a line of Light in Sodium soups with all the flavor and goodness of our regular soups, but containing 50% less sodium. 0 g trans fat. No added MSG. No preservatives. No GMOs - No bioengineered ingredients. Gluten free. We like hearing from you. If you have any questions or comments, please write to us. Container is recyclable. Please recycle where facilities exist. Certified vegan. Ready to serve. Contains 290 mg of sodium compared to 590 mg in Amy's Regular Lentil Soup. Certified organic by QAI. Quality Assurance International. Certified organic. Made in USA.