Bear Naked Fruit and Nut 100% Pure & Natural Granola

BEAR NAKED. 100% pure & natural granola. fruit and nut. 14g whole grain. NET WT. 12 OZ. (340g). enlarged by nature to show TRUE texture. THE RECIPE THAT STARTED IT ALL. Fruit and Nut is a delicious, soft-baked blend of whole grain oats, hearty nuts and tasty fruits. Word to our Mother! Ever since our very first batches of granola, we've been searching for ways to un-invent food and celebrate the variety Mother Nature provides... To high-five her for offering such a delicious pantry of pure and natural ingredients. Simply put, we thoughtfully craft our unique recipes by considering what each ingredient brings to the party - unlocking delightful combinations of bold flavors, rich textures, mouthwatering aromas and REAL nutrition that makes your body smile! So consider this package your official invitation to strip away the clutter and truly live your life. To Live Bear Naked. It's an invitation to enjoy a feel-good adventure of the senses with every bite. We're aboard a party boat on the river of life and you're on the guest list. Join in our discoveries, - THE BEAR NAKED TEAM. Bear Naked Sustainable Packaging Project. Bear Naked has partnered with TerraCycle in an effort to rethink the way packaging affects our planet. When this bag is empty, please don't throw it away. Hop online, get a form and return it to us. You'll even be rewarded for your efforts. TERRACYCLE. REDUCE. REUSE. REPURPOSE. Bear Naked Sustainable Packaging Project. Get Bear Naked. Enjoy our other tasty products: Grain-ola Bars. - fruit + nut. - tropical fruit. - chocolaty cherry. Cereal with Flakes. - cranberry raisin. - banana nut. Check them out at LOOK INSIDE AND SEE WHAT WE'RE MADE OF. NO Artificial Flavors NO Cholesterol NO Hydrogenated Oils NO High Fructose Corn Syrup NO Artificial Preservatives 0g Trans Fat.