Frontera Salsa, Key Lime Avocado, Medium

With roasted tomatillo. 100% natural. Limited edition seasonal recipe. From the kitchen of Chef Rick Bayless. Unforgettable - that's how we feel about our trip to an avocado farm in Veracruz, Mexico, at the height of the avocado season. Gorgeous trees, heavy with fruit, offered shade to those gently harvesting the avocados. We ate our fill of avocados with a squeeze of key lime and a sprinkle of salt. Now, we offer that memorable combination in a limited edition salsa made with flame-roasted ripe tomatillos, fresh onions, cilantro and olive oil. Savor this salsa with hearty tortilla chips, roasted new potatoes, shucked peas and fresh fish. Chef Rick Bayless: Bravo's Top Chef Masters and James Beard Award Winner, celebrated author and host of public television's Mexico - One Plate at a Time. Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients. All natural. No preservatives. Gourmet Mexican.