KA-ME Coconut Milk Lite

Ka-Me® Coconut Milk Lite. All natural. Find recipes and learn more about authentic Ka-Me Asian foods at kame.com. Ka-Me coconut milk lite is a premium quality product, produced naturally with no artificial preservatives. It is a traditional ingredient, commonly used in thai and other Southeast Asian recipes. The key to Asian made Easy™. Ancient culinary traditions thrive today in Asia, where the art of food is a daily celebration. For over 30 years, we've explored the world of Asian cuisine to provide you unique flavors, high quality, all natural ingredients, and innovative recipes. With Ka-Me, you can prepare simple, convenient and delicious home cooked meals without sacrificing quality, taste, or your limited time. Ka-Me: simple. Delicious. Right for today. Panos™ brands. panosbrands.com. ©2012 Panos Brands.