FANCY FEAST Duos Cat Treats, Fish, Adult

Let your cat savor delicious flavor at snack time when you offer up Purina Fancy Feast Duos Tuna Flavor with Accents of Parsley adult cat treats. Mouthwatering tuna flavor delivers the seafood taste she craves, and accents of parsley elevate these treats to a gourmet-level dining experience. A crispy, crunchy outer layer is basted for added flavor, and the tender center made with real tuna serves as a reward for all her enthusiastic nibbling. Let her delight in the delectable goodness found in every serving, and take comfort in knowing she's getting a high-quality treat crafted by a trusted brand. With so much savory flavor in every bite, these adult cat treats are sure to become a fast favorite in your feline family. Offer up these Purina Fancy Feast Duos cat treats whenever she deserves a little something extra in her dish, and show your cat companion just how important she is to you.