Rothbury Farms Cheese Garlic Croutons

Rothbury Farms® Cheese Garlic Croutons. No artificial colors or flavors. 0 Grams trans fat per serving. Net Wt 5.0 oz (142 g). Rothbury Values: Established in 1923. Rothbury Farms is a family-owned business where consumer value means using the highest quality ingredients to produce the very best products. It means delivering those products properly priced, without gimmicks, every time. As our customer, you can expect this kind of value. We think you'll enjoy it. Rothbury Farms Croutons are a restaurant favorite. They're made with bread baked fresh from our oven, then toasted to just the right crispness, and seasoned with our blend of select spices, herbs and Romano cheese. Rothbury Farms Croutons are the right choice for all your salads, soups, stuffing, and casserole toppings, and they're great as a snack too! Good things from fresh bread®. BHT Added to packaging to maintain freshness. Visit: