John Wm. Macy's Cheese Crisps Asiago & Cheddar

John Wm. Macy's® Cheese Crisps Asiago & Cheddar. Aged cheese and sourdough squares. John Macy first savored the food business as a teen, catering clambakes on Martha's vineyard. A few years later, John introduced his crunchy, hand-rolled twists of sourdough and sharp cheddar. They quickly became a crowd favorite. John continues to bake unique and delicious appetizers, using real aged cheeses and premium ingredients, always looking for... "...The perfect crunch!" John Wm. Macy's cheese sticks are made with real aged cheeses and premium ingredients. Starting with a multi-layered "sandwich" of fresh sourdough and shredded aged cheese, we then cut the cheese crisps into delectable, bite-sized pieces and bake them twice for "the perfect crunch" in every bite! Cheese crisps are great for snacking straight from the box. For added enjoyment, heat and serve them warm with soup, salad or your favorite topping. Or try some of the delicious recipes made with cheese crisps at Crispy maine crab cakes with lemon/caper aioli. One of many recipes you will find at