Valley Lahvosh Crackerbread, Sweetheart Snacks, Cinnamon

The deliciously healthy anytime crackerbread snack. 0 g trans fat; no cholesterol; low fat. Send Sweetheart Snacks to school - they're the slightly sweet, healthy treat kids love! Give your favorite ice cream the crispy cinnamon crunch of Sweetheart Snacks! Take Sweetheart Snacks to the gym for a healthy after-workout snack! Create crowd-pleasing hors d'oeuvres using mascarpone cheese or fruit-flavored cream cheese with Sweetheart Snacks - perfect for entertaining! How will you enjoy your Sweetheart Snacks? Light, crisp and slightly sweet - anytime, anywhere! So much flavor - so many ways to enjoy it! History of Valley Lahvosh: Valley Lahvosh was introduced to America over eight years ago by our founder Gazair Saghatelian. In 1922, Gazair came from his native Armenia to bake his delicious breads. Word quickly spread of the traditional goodness and quality of Valley Lahvosh products, and today this crisp, wholesome cracker-bread is still proudly baked by his youngest daughter Janet, and her daughter Agnes at the same historic location in Fresno, California.