The Matzo Project Matzo Chips, Salted

Surprisingly delicious Matzo Chips. The Matzo Project - Est. 5775. Eat something. You look skinny. Kosher, but not Kosher for passover. Great on the go! For a quick exodus! Serve at your next party (but don't be a show-off about it). Crumble in soup - and put the oy in oyster cracker! Baked not fried, Bubbaleh. You wouldn't eat pita chips with salsa, tortilla chips with goat cheese or water crackers with hummus. But guess what? You can eat a Matzo chip with all three. You should only eat food made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, crafted in small batches by charming people that your grandmother would love. You don't text? You don't tweet? Hello (at) This product is sold by weight. Proudly made in the USA.