Zukali Salsa, Cilantro Pineapple

With fire roasted peppers and tomatillos. Mexican gourmet. Heat level: medio. All natural. Net wt. 16 oz of bliss. Est. MMX. Try our savory salsa to give your food a sweet boost. Beef, fish or chicken tacos, al pastor tacos, quesadillas, hot dogs, pork chops, tostadas, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, omelettes or simply with tortilla chips! Savory tangy spicy. So good. Inspired by tacos al pastor, this tangy love story of cilantro & pineapple is sure to arouse your tastebuds. We roast fresh peppers over an open flame, we toss in pineapple, and steep it all in a special blend of spices to bathe your mouth in salsa bliss. Delish with: tacos, quesadillas, hot dogs, fish, chicken, fajitas, omelettes, tostadas, chips, and just about any dish that could use a bit of cilantro pineapple love. www.Zukali.com.