Golden Soft Figs, Sun Dried

No fat, cholesterol, gluten and nut allergen free. Gluten and nut allergens free. Hearth healthy. No additive or sugar added. Great source of antioxidants & calcium. Resealable for your convenience. 100% premium quality. Our sun-dried figs are sweet, honey flavored, tender and amazingly delicious. Grown on the Mediterranean mountain slopes in Turkey, our figs are never treated with additives and are naturally sun-dried to achieve the highest quality, delectable taste. We work with a select group of devoted family farmers that nurture the finest fruit and then hand picks the best product that is carefully packaged and delivered to you. A healthy snack or addition to any meal, our figs can satisfy even the toughest sweet tooth. When you purchase our figs you can expect delicious. Sun-dried figs are fat-free, sodium-free cholesterol-free and rich source for valuable minerals, dietary fiber and one of the highest source of calcium found in non dairy products. Our high nutrional value of fruits can make a substantial contribution for optimal supply of these important vital materials. Thus health is promoted in an outstanding way. Our Sun-Dried Soft Figs: antioxidant rich; no sugar added; no coloring agent; cholesterol free; gluten free; rich in vitamin K; soft, tasty, moist; excellent for pre/post workouts; excellent for snacking; a great source of energy; rich in magnesium and potassium; rich in fiber and calcium. Product of Turkey.