Earthy Delights Mushrooms, Dried, Porcini

Fine gourmet dried mushrooms. Recipe inside! 100% natural. Wildcrafted in Nature's Lab - the forest floor. Wild mushrooms - one of nature's miracles! Are full of rich flavor, nutritional goodness, and (some say) healing properties. Their fragrant magic, when preserved by drying, can be enjoyed year round. Simply soak dried mushrooms in warm water (or wine, or stock) for 20-30 minutes, then add to your favorite recipe. Save that soaking liquid and use as a stock or gravy base - it's full of concentrated mushroom flavor! Dried mushrooms keep for months, without refrigeration, and for a year or more if frozen. Delectable fresh or dried, porcini mushrooms are among the most sought-after of all wild-harvest mushrooms. Porcini means little pigs in Italian, so called for their plump floor. In France they are known as cepes; to the Germans they are Steinpilz. With a rich, earthy flavor and heady aroma, porcini may be featured in savory sauces to accompany meat or poultry. Excellent in risottos, omelettes, or served with polenta. Wild harvested. Product of China.