Sun Fed Ranch Burgers, Beef, Ground, !00% Grass Fed

Paleo friendly. Certified Paleo. Gluten free. 80% lean/20% fat. High in protein. 100% Grass fed ground beef burgers. Beef used is 100% Grass fed & grass finished and raised with no hormones or antibiotics added (Verified by a 120-day affidavit by Sunfed ranch) on American family ranches. Natural (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients). 100% Grass fed. SunFed Ranchs beef is sustainably raised by American family ranchers. Sustainability is achieved by holding a commitment to traditional farming methods and maintaining the heritage of our local farm communities. We feel a deep and genuine regard for our cattle and resources, and we treat them with respect and consideration. SunFed Ranch is committed to raising our cattle with the best of care roaming outdoors on pastures their entire lives, as nature intended. We know that proper livestock handling is not only ethical, but also supports our cattles health and well-being, resulting in nutritious 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. Chris Donati. Chico, CA. Matt Byrne. Tulelake, CA. Sunfed Ranch founding ranchers. Always 100% Grass Fed. Grass finished. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture.